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CRC Peripheral Driver API usage

Question asked by chiara.bizzotto on Nov 3, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by chiara.bizzotto

Hi! I'm trying to calculate the crc of a buffer. I've tried following the instructions provided in the Help in CCES and also i've tried running the snipped code from  CCES Examples. In both cases I'm facing the same problem: the code keep remaining stuck inside the while loop because adi_crc_IsCrcInProgress never returns false.


  /* CRC Return code */
/* CRC value */
uint32_t Crc32Value;

/* Initialize managed drivers and/or services */


// putting some values different from zero in the buffer
DataBuf[0] = 32;
DataBuf[100] = 43;
DataBuf[3] = 2;

/* Open a CRC device instance */
eResult = adi_crc_Open (0, &CrcDevMem[0], ADI_CRC_DMA_MEMORY_SIZE, &hCrcDev);

/* Reset CRC registers */
eResult = adi_crc_StopReset (hCrcDev, true, true);

/* Set CRC polynomial */
eResult = adi_crc_SetPolynomialVal (hCrcDev, 3988292384);

/* Sets data mirroring configuration */
eResult = adi_crc_SetDataMirror (hCrcDev, ADI_CRC_MIRROR_NONE);

/* Enable DMA mode for CRC */
eResult = adi_crc_EnableDmaMode (hCrcDev, true);

/* Register callback function if required */
eResult = adi_crc_RegisterCallback (hCrcDev, CrcCallback, hCrcDev);

/* Set CRC operating mode as Memory Scan Compute Compare */
eResult = adi_crc_SetOperatingMode (hCrcDev, ADI_CRC_MODE_SCAN_COMPUTE_COMPARE);

/* Set CRC data word count and Reload word count */
eResult = adi_crc_SetDataCount (hCrcDev, 512, 0);

* Set the expected CRC32 value.
* Pass this value as 0 if the CRC value for the the data stream is unknown.
* The CRC device will return a CRC data compare error at the end of
* CRC operation. Ignore this error and read the CRC final result register.
* This register holds the CRC value calculated for the data stream.
eResult = adi_crc_SetExpectedVal (hCrcDev, 0);

/* Set the current CRC status flag as CRC operation in progress */
bCrcInProgress = true;

/* Submit CRC buffer to Scan-Compute-Compare */
eResult = adi_crc_DmaMemFillScan (hCrcDev, &DataBuf[0], 512);

/* Wait until the CRC operation is complete or CRC error */
while (bCrcInProgress && (bCrcDataCompareErr == false) && (bCrcDmaErr == false))
* Query the current status of CRC operation if operating in non-blocking mode
* This function call is not required for callback mode
eResult = adi_crc_IsCrcInProgress (hCrcDev, &bCrcInProgress);

* Read the final CRC result if the CRC value for the buffer is yet to be calculated
* This function also resets the registers that hold the final and intermediate CRC values
eResult = adi_crc_GetFinalCrcVal (hCrcDev, &Crc32Value);

/* Handle CRC error, if any */

/* Close CRC Device */
eResult = adi_crc_Close (hCrcDev);

The callback function simply puts the flags to true/false if corresponding events occurs but it never gets called.

What I don't understand is that if I put a delay after adi_crc_DmaMemFillScan and I just call adi_crc_GetFinalCrcVal without the while loop, Crc32Value is correctly set.


I'm using BF707 in BLIP2 platform.


Am I using the APIs wrong? Is there some further setting I'm missing?

Thanks for your help