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AD9371 Hardware Modification: VCXO

Question asked by A.P on Nov 3, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2016 by mhennerich

I need to use a 10MHz reference clock with the AD9371. Since this can't be done with the onboard 122.88MHz VCXO, I replaced it with the 125MHz VCXO, allowing PLL 1 to lock to the 10MHz reference.



In order to get PLL1 to lock, I set the AD9528 device tree properties "adi,vcxo-freq", "adi,refa-r-div", "adi,pll1-feedback-div", and "adi,pll1-feedback-src-vcxo" as well as the AD9371 property "clock-frequency" accordingly, but when I do so the AD9371 does not appear as an IIO device in sysfs. I've tried modifying these settings individually and it turns out that changing "adi,vcxo-freq" is what prevents the AD9371 device from showing up.


So in this configuration I cannot get the IIO Oscilloscope app to recognize the device. If the AD9371 device driver is supposed to work with a 10MHz reference clock and a 125MHz VCXO, how am I supposed to get the AD9371 driver to work properly?