Sampling frequency for amplitudes of each frequency of 150Hz to 3kHz

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thank you very much for your reply.

I try to  generate the fft of any signal in the range of and

calculate the magnitude of each frequency

I use the SPI link between ADC and DSP Blackfin 533.

I want to know what value of sampling frequency should I use? (knowing that I

want to measure the amplitudes of each frequency of 150Hz to 3kHz)

Which registers do I put this value?



What is the values of registers SPI_BAUD, PLL_DIV?

how to calculate?


here the code for the initialization of the register SPI I use:

void Setup_SPI(void)



*pSPI_BAUD=0x0004;  // !!!

*pSPI_CTL=0x110a;  }


/ / in the main:

  • pPLL_DIV = 6;



PS: Blackfin DSP 533, ADC = AD7982.


I have read the datasheet, but I can not find the solution.

Please help me


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