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I/Q Modulator / De-modulator selection for Zero-IF Application

Question asked by nircohen on Nov 3, 2016
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Hello all,


In my new design I plan to use an I/Q data modem (CMX7164) which is a Zero-IF Modem.

The other two main building blocks are of course are the I/Q Modulator / De-modulator IC's.


I thought about using the ADRF6720 as the I/Q Modulator, and the ADRF6820 as the De-modulator.

As I was looking at the ADRF6820 Evaluation Board Schematic, I noticed that both I/Q output have a series 100nF capacitor, which forms a high pass filter of a several KHz Bandwidth.


My questions is: Is the ADRF6820 suitable as an I/Q De-modulator in Zero-IF applications?

Can the series capacitors be set to 0ohm or increase their value?


Thanks you all