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Minimal component BF70x solution

Question asked by gavint on Nov 3, 2016
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I would like to implement a minimal component Blackfin DSP solution (no external memory or flash boot device).


Instead, the Blackfin DSP will be connected to a Xilinx FPGA as a co-processor to the FPGA. The FPGA will be responsible for loading the application code into one of the Blackfin DSP embedded memories.


Our application software is generally quite small (~128KB) and needs to be loaded quickly on the fly by the FPGA.


I am specifically interested in one of the following two Blackfin processors:


2) ADSP-BF609: 256KB SRAM


My question is as follows:

1) Provided our application code is small enough, can a Blackfin DSP execute instruction code stored in it's own embedded SRAM? Or do Blackfin DSPs need external DDR2/DDR3 SDRAM to store and execute instruction memory?


Many thanks