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How do I configure the entire L2 SRAM as uncached?

Question asked by on Nov 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2017 by YanikM

When building a project for the SC589 in Cross Core, the .ld/.ldf map the shared L2 SRAM as follows (as noted in the SHARC app.ldf):


bank1 2008_0000 2008_7FFF 4KB uncached - ICC
         4KB uncached - MCAPI ARM
         4KB uncached - MCAPI SHARC1
         4KB uncached - MCAPI SHARC0
         16KB uncached - ARM
bank2 2008_8000 2008_FFFF 32KB cached - ARM
bank3 2009_0000 2009_7FFF 32KB cached - ARM
bank4 2009_8000 2009_FFFF 32KB cached - ARM
bank5 200A_0000 200A_7FFF 32KB cached - SHARC1
bank6 200A_8000 200A_FFFF 32KB cached - SHARC1
bank7 200B_0000 200B_7FFF 32KB cached - SHARC0
bank8 200B_8000 200B_DFFB 24KB cached - SHARC0


The linkers for both the ARM and SHARC will allow you to reapportion the memory differently, but this does not change the fact that BANK 2 - 8 continue to be cached.


Is my desire to reconfigure a large portion of this RAM as uncached, however I see no mechanism to achieve this.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.