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ADAU1442: Input Serial data configuration and noise on output

Question asked by wrafal on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2016 by wrafal

Hi all,

I have system which contains STM32F446 uc with ADAU1442 connected. I connected SAI interface of STM32 to ADAU and I would like to generate some audio in STM32 and send it to ADAU for processing. I am using SigmaStudio (v.3.14) do do that. I connected SAI interface outputs to SDATA_IN4 and clocks to BLCK3 , LRCLK3.


When I send any audio data from STM32 to ADAU I get noise. Time of noise generation is exactly the same as audio send from STM32, so something is working. I do not get clean audio output.

ADAU works as slave using Clock Domain 3 for Serial Input 3 and 4. It also uses standard SigmaStudio configuraiton 24 bit, i2S, TDM2 (Stereo) mode. BCLK and LRCLK negative. Outputs are connected to output 0 (then goes to codec) and uses internally generated (in ADAU) clock 192kHz. In attached project there is Tone generator and input router, this configuration works but when I reconfigure router and send data to input port I get some unexpected noise. 

My way to verify if noise is comming from ADAU and if data which I send from STM32 is correct, I generated some DTMF tone data which it played by addau but is sound like a really noisy staff.


My question is am I  missing something in ADAU configuration or this is the problem in STM32 config ? 


My SigmaStudio project is attached. Screenshot are below.


Serial I/O config:

sigmaStudio IO configurations


Project schematics:

DSP configuration: