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Breakpoint relocated?

Question asked by ThomasFalk on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2016 by ThomasFalk

Wenn I try to set a breakpoint in CCES for the Sharc SC584 on the ADI Evalboard by clicking in the GUI beside the source line, a crossed out dot appears. The tooltip shown if going with the mouse over the breakpoints shows: "Line breakpoint (relocated): ... [line xx]".


The same happens if I try to set a  breakpoint in the disassembly window, the breakpoint is crossed out.


The program will not stop at these breakpoints, there seems to be no way to activate them. It was not always this way, some time ago I could work with breakpoints. Therefor I suspect, it may be some setting. Debug informations are included in the build, optimisation is off.


What I'm doing wrong?