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Unexpected behavior ADAS3023 Evaluation Software

Question asked by javi on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by javi

Dear all,

I’m trying to evaluate ADAS3023 but I’ve encountered that the Evaluation Software seems to have some unexpected behaviors.

This is the configuration I’ve got in the board:
-          IN0, IN1,…IN8 and COM signal to GND with jumpers using P1 connector.
-          +15V and -15V supplied and checked with multimeter.

Now I’ll explain the unexpected behaviors:
-          I tried to run with 2 channels at 500KSPS but I can’t, the software didn’t let me to put this amount in the “Throughput” field.
-          At the beginning I select 2 channels instead of 8 and let the rest of parameters by default. After click on Update CFG the sampling ratio changes from 62.5KSPS to 125KSPS. With this configuration all seems to be ok: IN0 and IN1 more or  less at 0V *Note But afterwards when I return from selecting 2 channels to 8 channels the sampling ratio stills in 125KSPS and it doesn’t return to 62.5. I try to change manually but it didn’t change after pushing the update CFG button. With this configuration some channel voltage values in the graph are huge like 18V, 2V and -2V. 
-          Also, after restarting the board and application and selecting 2 channels with +-2.56V as voltage range (the rest of parameters by default) nothing changes in the resolution during the capture respect to +-20.48V voltage range. It should be better (less uV) an have more uncertainty (more LSB) but it is shown the same values approximately.

I plan to use this ADC with a card in process of upgrade. It’s very likely that in the future a high number of these boards will be used by many people so I have also some questions:

- How about the life cycle of this IC?

- Is there any posibility to calibrate the ADC (e.g. changing some internal register values for offset and gain?)

- *Note IN0 is in the offset specs -> -35LSB but....why IN1 has -51LSB? Image attached

I've read that I'm not the only one having issues with this board. Is ADI doing some update/maintenance of this device?

Thank you for your attention,