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Xilinx versus ADI version of xilinx_dma.c in Linux

Question asked by milosoftware on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2017 by milosoftware

I'm trying to merge the current ADI "xcomm_zynq" branch and the Xilinx master branch, but run into problems with the xilinx_dma driver. Apparently both sides made changes to the header xilinx_dma.h, and they're not quite compatible any longer. Functionally there seems to be no real difference. Simply taking the Xilinx version results in compile failures (at least in mwadma.c which to the best of my knowledge is not something I need, but I don't like these loose ends) because of the restructured structures (pun intended).


What is actually different in the ADI version? And what's the better way to proceed, keep the Xilinx one and just fix the mwadma driver, or somehow merge the two branches so that mwadma remains happy?