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Offset voltage in differential amplifier configuration

Question asked by tmineno Employee on Oct 31, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2016 by harryh

Hi all,


When I thought a current monitor circuit, I had a question about how to treat input offset voltage in differential amplifier.

For example, I draw a current monitor circuit with a differential amplifier of ADA4096 by ADIsimPE as the attached image.

When I1 = 0A, the output voltage is around 290 mV.

It seems to be so higher offset voltage than I expected.

My understanding is that the output voltage is 3.5mV x 10 = 35mV because I got VOS = 3.5 mV when R1 = 0, R6 = 100k, R2 = 100k.

Could you explain why the gain of the input offset voltage is 10 times higher than I expected?


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