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Specification for  ADuM3223

Question asked by takayuki-nozawa on Oct 31, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by takayuki-nozawa

We have questions for ADuM3223.



We can see “UVLO at 2.5 V VDD1” on page 1 of the datasheet for ADuM3223.

But we can’t find maximum/minimum specification for UVLO VDD1.

How can we understand this specification?

My assumption is as follows.

UVLO at 2.5 V VDD1 is typical value , but this parameter is not guaranteed(not tested).



We can see “Pulse Width” is “50 ns” for minimum value on page 3 of the datasheet for ADuM3223..

Do you have a information for actual value we can refer?

We assume that Pulse Width need to be understood addition of “Output Rise”=12 ns for typical and “Fall Time”=12 ns for typical.


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