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How can I set TDD mode on AD9361 by code on a Linux based program?

Question asked by S.Garza on Oct 27, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by S.Garza

I was able to find the way to find the way to select an ENSM mode (sleep, wait, alert, rx,...), once we have the TDD Mode set, but I still have not found out to change from FDD to TDD by code.

I saw that the radio button "adi, frequency-division-duplex-mode-enable" in FMComms2/3/4/5 Advanced, in conjuction with the "Use Dual Synth" check box will get us changed to TDD thorugh the User Interface, but I have not found the way to do this by code.


Could somebody please tell us how we can do these steps by code?


Many Thanks in advance,


Sergio Garza