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ADV7511 HDCP Request and Clear

Question asked by tomoto Employee on Oct 27, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2016 by MikeOC



I understand 0xAF[7]=1 works for HDCP request set and it start to communicate HDCP authentication with HDMI Sink over DDC.

Q1) Can I know how soon the HDCP authentication stop after I2C write 0xAF[7]=0(Clear HDCP Request)?

Q2) Following Q1), are there any possibility to ignore 0xAF[7]=0(Clear HDCP Request) if another 0xAF[7]=1 write happeded just after the 0xAF[7]=0 write.


Backgroud of this question,

I'm afraid there is an use case to toggle 0xAF[7] quickly by user operation and it confuse HDMI Sink.