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Project options causing new ldf generation

Question asked by pavan on Aug 25, 2011
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I am working on ADSP-BF518 with VDSP++5.0update9.0 . Whenever i change the project options new ldf is generating due to which all my memory sections placed in the SDRAM area are overwriting by new ldf where once again i need to map my memory sections in SDRAM. when ever i change my project options(by changing out put file as ldr instead of executable without changing any of my external memory settings) i need to copy my memory mappings from baKup_ldf and paste in the new ldf.


But where as in update8.0 this is not the case and whenever i change my project options without changing external memory settings new ldf is not generating.


Please help me to solve this issue whether i am missing any settings in the compiler or what i need to do to overcome this problem.




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