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Beginner bench setup for introduction to analog measurements

Question asked by JCG_77 on Oct 26, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2016 by Walt_Kester

Hi everyone, 


I'm looking to setup a system to help take some simple measurements. This setup will be used only by me at my desk/workbench to help me better understand a few machine parts I have as well as do various other troubleshooting on equipment. Some of the most common measurements I want to be able to take are: stress/strain, vibration, temperature, force, torque, and motion.  


At this point this project is just small scale. I'm not running PLC's or using the data to help run a plant. This setup will be pretty much just myself, my computer, and some piece of equipment I need to test. 


I currently have an NI 6003 for my use which would be preferable to use but if I need a more heavy duty DAQ then I can get that as needed.


My main question is whether or not I can get adequate results with the 6003 DAQ and if I would be able to sufficiently condition the accompanying signals or if I need to find a DAQ with higher resolution and a sufficient signal conditioner. My concern is whether or not I will be able to properly condition signals from piezoelectric sensors when taking vibration measurements. Is there a way to do this to produce viable results or am I going to have to get a more capable DAQ? I'd like to be able to do a frequency analysis on motor shafts running typically at about 60 Hz. It would be nice if I had the capability to observe signals of up to 150-200 Hz at least.  For my purposes I don't need incredibly accurate results if I can get away with a more affordable setup. I think a final p value confidence level of (90 %) will be fine at this time. 


I'm still quite new to data acquisition and signal conditioning. My goal behind this mainly to learn how to take good measurements properly more than I am concerned with accurate results. 


I've been recommended some of the modules for the 7B series from...


I can see that these modules will provide a constant current source which will work for RTDS and strain gauges but are there any charge and IEPE conditioners that I could use for piezeoelectric accelerometers?


If anyone could give me thier thoughts on this matter I would very appreciative. 


Thank you kindly,