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Problem with subtractor block

Question asked by charles.l on Aug 24, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2011 by charles.l

I was trying to make a subtractive-delay crossover (i.e. Lipshitz - Vanderkooy type) in Sigma studio using a Butterworth lowpass, the "Signal Subtract" (from Basic DSP/Arithmetic Operations) and a delay.

The derived highpass wasn't a highpass at all - it was looking like a low-shelf filter. Just as if the subtractor wouldn't subtract but add the signals instead ! I then replaced the subtractor with the "Signal Add" function and the result looked exactly the same ! I.e. my assumption is that the "Signal Subtract" doesn't do what it is supposed to - it does rather add than subtract.

I then inserted a "Signal Invert" before the adder stage - et voila: The crossover worked exactly as it should.


Is there a known problem with the "Signal Subtract" in Sigma Studio 3.4, build 0, Rev 724 ?