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The Command Sequence for Executing a Mass Erase doesn't work

Question asked by Slava on Aug 24, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2011 by ABuda

I'm trying to perform a mass erase on an AduC7061 using the following procedure from the datasheet:


FEEADR = 0x77C3;
FEEMOD = FEEMOD|0x8;//Erase key enable
FEECON = 0x06;//Mass erase command


The code is definitely executed but it doesn't erase the flash memory.

The same commands executed via JTAG:


J-Link>w2 0xFFFF0E0C 0x3CFF
Writing 3CFF -> FFFF0E04
J-Link>w2 0xFFFF0E10 0x77C3
Writing 77C3 -> FFFF0E10
J-Link>w1 0xFFFF0E04 0x8
Writing 08 -> FFFF0E04
J-Link>w1 0xFFFF0E08 0x6
Writing 06 -> FFFF0E08
J-Link>mem 0x80000 0x10
00080000 = 00 F0 9F E5 C0 F0 9F E5 C0 F0 9F E5 C0 F0 9F E5


Why doesn't it work?