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RF ADCs road map?

Question asked by jbruant on Oct 24, 2016
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AD currently supplies the faster monolithic RF ADC on the market with the AD9625-2500 and a sampling frequency of 2.5Gsps, however even when it comes to interleaved ADCs, sampling frequencies are still stuck below... 2.5Gsps! 

With the current development of 5G and the growing need for faster ADCs, when will AD supply the next generation of RF ADCs? with sampling rates of 5Gsps and beyond? One could imagine that they "only" have to interleave the AD9625 core to provide a 5Gsps and even a 10Gsps ADC? Any thoughts? Any information?

Following on my sentence "they only have to", I know it's everything but easy but FIDUS achieved a 2 times AD9625 interleaving with their FSF-AD15000A board despite an expensive price for the required correction IP core.

Moreover with the recent acquisition of Hittite, the company who designed the new 26Gsps-3bits ADC, does anybody know what is the road map for the near future?

Concerning the latest AD9625-2500, its datasheet is guaranteeing a bunch of performances up to 2.5Gsps but has anyone tried to push it further? up to 3Gsps and beyond?

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PS: One may notice that I have just posted a similar message in TI's forums, and if one wonder: yes I definitely want to compare both road maps to make clever decisions now, taking the near future opportunities into account.

PS2: I guess that some developments are currently running in background, in the case of some information cannot be disclosed on this forum, I would appreciate to contacted by private messaging and so could I introduce myself and my needs in further details.