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What is your recommended Gyroscope Sensor?

Question asked by M-Atwya on Oct 24, 2016
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Dear Sir or Madam,


I am looking into using a gyroscope to assist in measuring a vehicle's pitch. I understand that a gyroscope will output the rate of change of pitch rather than absolute pitch angle and that the accuracy of the sensor heavily depends on the application. 


The following is a scenario of the intended application:

1. Assume you have the vehicle's "exact" pitch at the start.

2. Switch on gyroscope, (now the vehicle's exact pitch is unknown).

3. Use gyroscope pitch angular rate to update (<0.2 Hz) vehicle's pitch.


Assuming the bias drift can be "eliminated" and the vehicle's pitch is limited to  +/- 6 degrees, can any of the avialable gyroscopes be used to maintain an accuracy smaller than or equal to +/- 0.5 degree on the Vehicel's pitch?


Many thanks.




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M Atwya