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About AD1934 at 192kHz without PLL

Question asked by Luka_brazzi on Oct 24, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2016 by DaveThib

From AD1934's datasheet, I understand that I can run this device without the PLL. My case is the following :

- AD1934 is master on the I2S link (the device outputs both the bit clock and the L/R clock)

- Stereo data, bit clock at 64xFs, 16-b data, I2S mode

- Input clock : 12.288MHz

- Frame rate : 192000kHz


Here is how the AD1934 is programmed :

PLL and Clock Control 0 : 0x99 

PLL and Clock Control 1 : 0x03 

DAC Control 0 : 0x04

DAC Control 1 : 0x30

DAC Control 2 : 0x18


The result is that the Frame rate is 96kHz instead of 192k...The bit clock runs at 6.144MHz. 






PS : A block diagram showing the entire clock tree would help a lot in complement of the description text.