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how to understand AD9680-500 output by default?

Question asked by liuzhao on Oct 23, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2016 by UmeshJ

I catch 4 lines output of AD9680-500, the register of AD9680 is default.

First step is CGS, the output is BC(K28.5).Then ILAS, 4 multiframe start with 1C stop with 7C.Then data, four lanes is 


lane0   cf459da1858f8182  582624314ec8221c ``````

lane1   f2f028280c0c0202  00fd7faaeacc2c22  ``````

lane2   cf459da1858f8182  582624314ec8221c ``````

lane3   f2f028280c0c0202  00fd7faaeacc2c22  ``````


lane2 and lane0 are same, lane3 and lane1 are same.

As shown in register 0x570,the default is 0x49,which meas number of lane is two, number of converter is two.

So the total rate of output should be 2*16*10/8*500Mbps=20Gbps ,10Gbps/lane.Why I can catch the output when the receiver is 5Gbps?


The second question is how the data represent the Vin.Does the data list above means Converter0 is cf45,9da1,858f,8182 and Converter1 is f2f0,2828,0c0c,0202?