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Where do I find the signal routing

Question asked by Mazerator on Oct 21, 2016
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I'm new to SHARC and CCES and walked to some SPDIF example programs for the EZ-Lite 21479. So far I was very happy to understand how the signal routing was done between DAI pins, SPORT and SPDIF receiver. There, mainly the SRU(...) macros were used.

Now I switched to another eval kit (EZ-Board SC589) and also had a look at the SPDIF playback example. It does compile and works when loading to the board.

But: I just don't get how the signal routing is done. Neither the SRU plugin is not loaded in the project file nor the SRU macro is used somewhere. From the documentation and from the schematic of the eval baord I can see that DAI019 receives the data from the SPDIF connector. But how is this signal routed to the SPDIF reciever? Somewhere is has to be defined. The program is small but I just can't find something. What do I miss? :-(

I attached the example projekt to this post.


Thank you very much for your help.