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Can ADG1606 conduct current from 'S' to 'D'?

Question asked by DhineshNDAS on Oct 20, 2016
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In my design I need to multiplex 16 analog signals (current sources - 50mA max). This multiplexed current source will be connected to one resistor load of around 22 Ohm. Voltage across this load will then be given to ADC for data acquisition. 



   1) Can ADG732 be used to sink current on 'D' side from 'S'?

   2) What is the maximum current that can flow through this switch? Can it handle 50mA? Because, in datasheet I am able to only see testing circuits and limits in tables showing IDS of 10mA.


Any light on these doubts will be very much helpful.


And if there is any contact number for the technical support team, kindly share it. I would like to interact with them and get my queries cleared as soon as possible.



#Analog multiplexers/Switches


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