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EVAL-Adau1761Z Two analog inputs and two analog outputs?

Question asked by geoffmd on Oct 19, 2016

Hi all, 


Forgive a very basic question but I have never used hardware like this before and am quite stumped.


I have an EVAL-ADAU1761Z, I want to run two separate mono signals into the analog inputs, do some signal processing and get out two separate analog mono outputs. The programming in Sigmastudio makes sense to me but the connection to the hardware does not. I can get exactly the signal processing I want on one signal if I choose the option for "3 & 4 In Capless HP out"  in the codec setup but if I try to switch to "All Inputs All outputs" or "LR In LR Out", I get no signal output using any combination of inputs/outputs.


I know I need to be using inputs 0 and 1 in the sigma studio software and outputs DAC0 and DAC1, but I can't seem to make those correspond to any of the hardware inputs/outputs. 


Any help is greatly appreciated!