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AD7689 don't works, no answers

Question asked by Bublegum on Oct 19, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2016 by Gnib

Hello Everybody, 


I have troubles to initiate  the device.  I followed all the recommandation of specification.

So i want to use the ADC in the following configuration

  •    RDC Read During Convertion page 28/35 of the spécification

What Power UP means, I need to do what, to place de device in the right way to understand the instructions.

The only thing i got, its a pulse for SDO after rougthly 26 pulses of SCLK. The duration is half SCLK after rougthly 26 pulses of SCLK.  And this after one pulse for CNV.

SDO is always High. 

The timing, the level are exactly the recommandations of the spécification.


I really doesn't inderstand what is going on!   Please Help!  Thank you.