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CCES 2.4.0 can't open ADI EE377v2 cleanly

Question asked by Brewster on Oct 19, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2016 by Kader.M

Opening this example in CCES 2.4.0 (Windows 7) : , (code from ) after putting up a message about updating the workspace format, puts up this message:


CCES workspace update error


and then CCES quits.

I've attached the .log

Deleting the .metadata folder, creating a new workspace, and importing the projects works in that the projects import.


However the console displays the following message if the workspace is then closed and re-opened:

Failed to load attributes from product configuration file with expression: //family[@name='SHARC']/processor/@name

While I did something (not sure what) in playing with the settings to make that error go away, the resulting project does not run. I also in one of the many attempts got this message:

Could not find a valid license for processor 'ADSP-SC589'. You will not be able to build or debug this project without a valid license. MultiCoreTalkThruSharcSharc_Core0        CrossCore Embedded Studio Licensing    Problem

Is there a way to check the workspace and the projects for settings consistency? I'm guessing that CCES 2.4.0 isn't liking some information from whatever version of CCES those older project files are in, but I can't see anything in the logs to suggest what (but the log is kind of full of stuff so probably easy for me to miss)