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AD7173-8 Problem reading/writing register

Question asked by manfred.b on Oct 19, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by rcalam


I am currently developing the software driver for the ADC. But the IC is not working properly,( not as i expect it).

I programmed single conversion mode. And with the DATA_STAT bit set, i read the conversion result followed by the channel, just completed. Analysing the data and status register values I get the expected value for the AD conversion, but the status register reads back channels that I did not even enable ( explicit disabled). For analysis of the problem  I read back the value that I just wrote into a channel register. Surprisingly when I read the channel register, I sometimes get different value, from what I just wrote into this register. Example: Write 0x10 to register, then reading this register returns sometimes 0x10, but sometimes 0x11. !! Analysing my SPI communication is showing no error in my SPI routines. Is this  a known phenomen, or is it indicating a faulty IC?


Thank you