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AD7768 DRDY delay time after /SYNC_IN

Question asked by ysuzuki on Oct 19, 2016
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I have a question AD7768 one-shot conversion operation.
In this operation, DRDY has a delay(settling) time, which is required by filter delay, after /SYNC_IN.
I can see two kinds of delay time in table 36.
The one is
     "Delay from First MCLK Rise After /SYNC_IN Rise to First /DRDY Rise" --- (A)
and the other is
     "Delay from First MCLK Rise After /SYNC_IN Rise to Earlist Settled Data /DRDY Rise" --- (B)


Q1. When using by "one-shot mode", Should I refer to column (B) ?


Q2. What configuration generate the shorter delay such as (A) column ?


I want to make sure that the fisrt DRDY is genereted according to the column (B).



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