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ADAS1000 defibrillation protection

Question asked by SebastianGR on Oct 19, 2016
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Our device is currently controlled by certified laboratory. They encounter a problem with the chapter of the standard 60601-2-25 Ed 2.0: defibrillation protection.
The test was conducted and ADAS1000 components stop. What is the problem ? How to solve?
Enclosed you will find our input schema.


Our differences from Figure 63 on page 34 from the ADAS1000 datasheet are:

  • Gas discharge tubes CG5-90MS (Littelfuse).
  • Our resistors are 220ohm instead of 500ohm, but resistors of our ECG cable are 10kohm.
  • The resistors to RLD are placed upstream of ADAS and are 100Mohm.