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AD9254S RBIAS voltage

Question asked by sss on Oct 19, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2016 by PMH

Hi all,


My previous question is following,



Our customer check the HARMONIC,SPUR,SFDR @ FFT,
but the AC specifications is degraded at the some sample.


The difference in the several samples are,
1.SFDR/Spur NG samples.
 Power-down mode : RBIAS voltage 0.5V
 Operational mode : RBIAS voltage 1.0V


2.SFDR/Spur OK samples.
 Power-down mode : RBIAS voltage 0.0V
 Operational mode : RBIAS voltage 0.5V


Which is correct value of "RBIAS voltage" ?
both is correct voltage and correct behavior?


Our customers try to place a 0.1uF bypass cap between RBIAS and analog ground, but the SFDR/Spur NG samples is more degraded.


Please advice to us for improving AC performance.


Best regards,