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Question about the Mixer GM gain config of AD9361

Question asked by CDFUTURE on Oct 19, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2016 by sripad

Hi, ADI friends

From the script & drivers , we found that unlike lna/tia/lpf gain table , the mxier's gain is fixed no matter what frequency band AD9361 in, right?

And from register map document we can see the value in 0x139 should follow the formular : (gain of mxier in dB)*4;

But as we can see from the script & driver the value write into 0x139 is not follow the formular:

For eaxmple:

0x138=0x01; the mixer gain=3dB, so we think the value write into 0x139 for address 0x01 should be : 3*4=12=0x0C;

But the driver & script wirte 0x18...


So could you please help answer our questions? Thanks~