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ADA4627 - Leaving OpAmp Powered on and Open Loop

Question asked by johnnyp on Oct 18, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by harryh

From customer:

I need to switch between two amplifiers (one is a fast one, one is a slower one, but has better dc specifications). A double pole-double throw relay is used for switching between the two. Two lines are switched, input and output. However, the amplifier that is not in use will still be powered on, and it is open looped.


My question is, if the amplifier is power on, but open loop, will that cause op amp damage or performance degradation?


The amplifiers I will use to switch are ADA4627 (19MHz GBW, 1e13ohm input resistance, <0.2mV offset, < 5pA input bias), and THS4631 (210MHz 100pA bias 0.26-0.5mV offset). THS4631 is from TI.