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adv7283 EAV SAV

Question asked by raphael.schroeder on Oct 18, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2016 by GuyAtPran

I use a custome board with ADV 7283

My Microcontroller interface accepts:


FrameStart XY

FrameEnd XY

LineStart XY

LineEnd XY


to parse the

FF 00 00 XY -> EAV/SAVs

i have interlaced 864X288Pixels PAL CVBS

(i think with blankings in it should be 720X288interlaced  ->(720X576progressive) Active)


I use XY codes:

0x80 SAV       0x9D EAV    ->EvenFrame

0xC7 SAV     0xDA EAV    ->OddFrame(or mixed)


i assume that the Stream ITU-R BT 656 works like this:

|SAV(even) | Line 1| EAV(even)| |SAV(even) | Line n| EAV(even)|

|SAV(odd) | Line 1| EAV(odd)| |SAV(odd) | Line n| EAV(odd)|


mixed into this should be

  ...|SAV(even,Blanking)| 80 10 | EAV(even,Blanking)|...


So i used:

FrameStart 0xDA

FrameEnd 0xC7

LineStart 0x80

LineEnd 0x9D


but i get blanking data into my buffer:

...81 01 00 00 00 DA

80 10 times 25

00 C7 81 01 81 01 ...


>>>How should i setup my Frame Start/End Line Start/End ?

-are my assumptions correct?

-i am satisfied if i can catch one Frame (even OR odd) at once.

Then i could swap the configuration and catch the other one.