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Not able to transmit program and parameter data to an ADAU1701 via I2C

Question asked by PeteInfo on Oct 17, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2016 by PeteInfo

Dear Community,


I have searched in this forum for a couple of hours hoping to find a solutions for my problem but I could not find any hints.
If I missed a useful post please forgive me for this redundant post.


I have a Mini Evaluation board with the ADAU1701 processor on it and I use the documentation data sheet "ADAU1701" and "EVAL-ADAU1701MINIZ" from the website of AD.
I am using the Software tool SigmaStudio to generate the byte array for program and parameter data.


The problem is:
If I try to stream the parameter and program data with an Microcontroller and send it via I2C , it does not work.


Here is what I achieved so far:


I use a Development board and the compiler PSoC Creato from Cypress for having an interface to the DSP-board and programming in C, respectively.
I am able to send the Mute and UnMute-command and the DAC and ADC gets mute and unmute. Therefore, I assume the connection via I2C was set properly.


The algorithm I wrote in words:
- Firstly I mute the DSP-processor.
In PSoC I included the .h-file with the parameter and program arrays. I got the *.h and a *_IC_1_REG.h files from SigmaStudio by clicking on the "Export System File" button.
Having only an array which can be transmitted and having a range of 255 bytes, I have to divide each the program and parameter file into smaller pieces. For each 255-array I appended the program/parameter-address which was claimed in the data sheet on page 31.
Afterwards I transmit all the register bytes from the TxBuffer_IC_1.dat, section /* (3) IC 1.HWConFiguration */.
In the end I unmute it.

Overall I transmitted 9254 bytes in 5 transmission steps (neglected that I split up the program/parameter array into subarrays with a length of 255). That is the same number as it is written in defines.h  received from SigmaStudio.


If I send the whole command described above the DSP gets and remains quiet. I can only hear a dull plop a few seconds later after it muted but no further noise arises.
Another suspicious effect is that the red light (D4, MP11) lights up even though I put MP11's state to "Input GPIO Debounce" as all other MPx in SigmaStudio...



I have been stuck with this problem for several days so far. I looked very carefully over my algorithms but I could not find any errors.
Thus, I would be very grateful about any hint you could give me.


Best regards