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AD9361 Rx Signal IQ quality

Question asked by lisely_lai on Oct 17, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2016 by Vinod


i am doing the rx signal quality test with AD9361 on the zedboard.


The initialization configuration is as below,


Digital Filter: LTE 5M; 

RX Gain Control: Slow AGC;

Tx Frequency: 2.5GHz;

Rx Frequency:2.4GHz;

Tx Attenuation:10dB;


I use a signal source(Agilent E4438C) to generate a 16QAM signal,and a 10MHz clock is offerd by E4438C ,which is used as the reference clock for ad9361.The 16QAM signal is described below,

symbol map: 16QAM(natural mapping);

symbol rate:  500ksps;

pulse shaping: rectangle;

tx modulation: one carrier.


I captured the IQ data from ad9361 with chipscope, and the digital interface has been verified(using loopback function).


The result shows as below,

                                                  Figure1.      my test result on zedboard- with rx signla power is -30dBm


I think the symbol seems to be too scatter, could somebody give me any suggestion?


Thank you.