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Need definition of maximum value blocks

Question asked by electrojim on Oct 14, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2016 by KJBob

Okay.  I'm a little confused here.  Under Sigma 3.13, I can find several circuit blocks with the term 'max' in their name.  When I pull them onto the sheet and hit F1, I may or may not get a straight answer about their function, however.  In particular, the one labeled AbsMax does not bring up a description at all.  What I'm looking for is analogous to a full-wave rectifier; that is, it takes in digital waveform values of both polarities and spits out a positive value equal to the higher of the two... or of the four if you run the other stereo channel into the other input.  Now if you hover over the part before dragging it onto the page, the tag that comes up says, "AbsMax with Reset."  I'm assuming that it simply means that, as the waveform goes back toward the baseline, the output does too; that is, that it does not hold the value at all... like a full-wave rectifier without a filter capacitor.


The next part in the Sigma tree is Max Abs and Hold, which I equate to a full-wave rectifier with filter capacitor and no load.  It retains the highest of the positive or negative value (as a positive output) and waits for someone to come along with a screwdriver to discharge the cap.


The remaining parts, Max and Max and Hold are like the first two, but don't invert the negative half-cycle.  Right?


Sorry to be such a bonehead about this, but I want to be sure I don't use the wrong part and back-bias some junction that could Zener and fry something in the chip (ha, ha).  Thanks.