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2x2 MIMO Sample Timing Synch:GNURadio and fm3comms

Question asked by fatima on Oct 14, 2016
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I am trying to create a 2x2 MIMO system (i.e. tx 2 streams at transmitter, rx 2 streams at receiver) with an FMComms3 board. The software that I use to create the IQ samples is GNU Radio. I use the source and sink blocks from gr-iio in my GNU Radio flowgraph. My question is:


1) Talking about the transmitter side: Since I am trying to create a MIMO-transmitter, I want the the 2 sample streams coming out of GNU Radio to reach and be transmitted over-the-air by FMComms3 in a time synchronized fashion. i.e. sample-1 from MIMO-stream1 and sample-1 from MIMO-stream2 should be transmitted from the two antennas simultaneously. Do the FMComms3 board provide timing synchronization out-of-the-box or do I have to do something additional to have it? If so, where do I make the change?