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ADAU1361 SNR problems

Question asked by pjxan Employee on Oct 14, 2016

Hi !


I've a customer that has problems with the ADAU1361. In their case there can be either analog or digital microphones

used with the Codec :


"When enabling of the digital microphone block (PDM input on the codec) increases the noise floor of

~ 10dB (BAL / UNBAL does not matter, the SNR is ~ 87 dB). Why?"


Is there anything internal the ADAU1361 happening when enabling the digital portion of the ADAU1361 ? They have looked at the voltage supply but they cant find anything here that are pointing to this problem.


Also they need to recompile the the SW when changing between the analog/digital microphone but they are lookin into to make this selectable in runtime.  


BR Patrik