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AD7626 OSD

Question asked by Glenn on Oct 13, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2016 by VincentJB

We are having issues with OSD information not showing up on an ADV7626.  From the "ADV7625-26-27_Ver1.0.txt" file we are using the ":ADV7626 HDMI Rx Splitter Mode - Tx Source Term ON - TMDS Clock greater than 165MHz and less than 296MHz:" set of scripts.  We are able to pass live video through the device without issue.  We have ported the output source code of a Blimp project with a simple text label to our Linux system and we are using "internal flash mode."  The software builds, runs, and successfully writes/reads data to the ADV7626 chip, but the text label does not show up on the output.  Any ideas on why we are not seeing the data?  We were able to successfully emulate the Blimp project.  It's worth noting that the Blimp software was not very Linux compatible.  There were many case sensitivity issues with #include file names that needed to be fixed and we've fixed at least one blatant heap corruption issue (not enough memory was allocated for the data that was being written to a buffer) and we fear that others currently exist in the code.  Any help would be greatly appreciated