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AD9912 Multiple Byte Writing Problems

Question asked by ILoveQQ on Oct 13, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by ILoveQQ
I want to use ad9912 to generate the frequency, when I use the one byte trasfer mode to write the FTW (the address's range is 0x01a6 ~ 0x01ab),
      the AD9912 can generate the frequency , but if I use the streaming mode( 6 bytes) to write FTW, the AD9912 failed, the frequency can't be generated.
      All the timing is according with the ad9912's datasheet (Rev. F | Page 29 of 40) and I select MSB First.
      For example, if I want to write the FTW( the value is 0x4000_0000_0000 ) to the AD9912, the instruction data is 0x61ab, the writing sequence is
      0x61ab is first, and then  0x4000_0000_0000 , I don't know why this process failed, I need some suggestions, thx !