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4-wire Isolated Bioimpedance real world problem

Question asked by Yongshengliu on Oct 13, 2016
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4Wire-Isolated-Bioimpedance ADuCM350 real world Connection's problem


I am making a real world sensor using 4 wire-isolated-bioimpedance ADuCM350 EVK. Tthe cable connection followed the description in 4Wire-Isolated-Bioimpedance ADuCM350 Connections To Sensor.

I am making a real word sensor using the 4-wire-isolated-Bioimpedance ADuCM350 EVK. The cable connection followed the description in " 4wire-Isolated_Bioimpedance ADuCM350 Connection to Sensor" in this Zone.

The data I got are not so good.

For each wire connection, I use a coaxial cable. The total length is abou 150 cm, 50 cm+ BNC connector+100 cm.

The screen shot for EKSP are as the attached files.


How to improve the accuracy of the measurement , this is an issue.

Can anybody help me ?


Any advices are appreciate!