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adv7341 SD Color Bar

Question asked by DJango991 on Oct 12, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2016 by DJango991


I have the ADV734xEBZ board and I tried to obtain the self-generated SD Color Bar from ADV7341 using the clock at 27 Mhz generated from the ADV7403.


I have followed these step:

  1. Power-up the board;
  2. Launch the ATV Benchtop software;
  3. Select the ADV7403_ADV7180_ADV7341-ver.1.0.txt register program configuration file;
  4. Run the "525i YPrPb In 4x1 20-bit 422 Out (HS and VS timing)" SD script for ADV7403;
  5. Write on ADV7341 the following data:

    0x00      0xFC

    0x82      0xC9

    0x84      0x40


So, the Colorbar not appears in the monitor that shows instead a green noise. What is the matter?

I have misured with an oscilloscope that ADV7403 generates a 27 MHz clock.


Furthermore, I have done the same test with the script for the HD and I have correctly visualized the hatch pattern.