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JTAG Downolad

Question asked by Bojan on Oct 12, 2016

Hi guys,


This is my situation, I'm having custom board with BF548, and I want to download u-boot. All my UART ports are used, and I'm only having two options for download: SPI port which is connected to USB port, and JTAG (I'm having ICE1000). How can I download u-boot to the board? I already tried with VisualDSP++, but I'm having issues and load won't even start. I've tried with .ldr and .bin fails, but in both cases I'm seeing errors.


Is it even possible to do this with this equipment? I don't see that there is any obstacle to do this in theory, but I have no idea how can I actually do this. I'm having dual boot with Ubuntu and Windows, so I would appreciate solution on any OS.

I'm having only ICE1000.

All the best,