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GP Timer configuration

Question asked by aa1008 on Aug 22, 2011
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I would like to program the GP timer of the Blackfin in order to sample the sensor data with a defined frequency. Therefore I would like to ask the following:


1- How can I set the parameters (ADI_TMR_GP_CMD_SET_PERIOD and ADI_TMR_GP_CMD_SET_WIDTH) of my GP timer to trigger a callback every 100Hz. I could not find the formula to set these parameters?


2- what is the difference between these two parameters:





as I understood one is used for the period value of the timer and the other is the width value of the timer.


3- If I would like to configure the GP timer so that it counts up and when it reaches a value it reset and starts again to count up to that specified value. For this configuration what should I fill the parameter (ADI_TMR_GP_CMD_SET_TIMER_MODE)?


4- what is meant by the values of the parameter ADI_TMR_GP_CMD_SET_TIMER_MODE: