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What are the actual frequency values available on the RX Local Oscillator of AD9361?

Question asked by S.Garza on Oct 11, 2016
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We are doing frequency sweeps from 1 GHz to 6 GHz dividing the 5GHz range into 800 equally spaced Frequency Values,
using an External Signal Generator to Produce a continuous waveform with Frequencies that are always 1MHz higher than the
Frequency we set on the RX LO of AD9361, which should give us as result a Signal with an IF Frequency of 1MHz, but in reality we are not
getting 1MHz, but different values around it.
For this reason we are suspecting that it could be possible that the RX LO might not be able to do exactly the Frequencies we set it to produce, but
its closest available frequency value, determined by some digital resolution limitation.

In case our hypothesis about a possible digital resolution limitation is correct, how can we know exactly what Frequency values can be generated by the RX LO of AD9361?,
and, How does the Calculation to get the exact available frequencies work?

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Sergio Garza