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Supply current HMC1065 eval board

Question asked by ARoessler on Oct 11, 2016
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I'm evaluating the HMC1065 for an application to downconvert a signal from 28 GHz at an IF of 1 GHz. I ordered an evaluation board with the HMC1065. According to the datasheet the supply current is 150 mA. However, I've to drive it much harder then 150 mA to get any performance out of it. I'm driving it with 240 mA and it seems to work just fine. I've checked my connection, measured required supply voltages of 3V to connectors VDD1, VDD2, VDL01, VDL02 like mentioned in the data sheet. I'm adjusting supply voltage of VGLO -2V down to -0.53V to have a supply current of 240 mA so I meet values in the data sheet, like conversion gain etc. 


Any idea why there is this much of a difference for the actual bias in the data sheet and how to drive the evaluation board?