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About ADuCM322 GPIO spec

Question asked by Tarzan on Oct 11, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by Tarzan

Hi there, 

I have a question about GPIO output Voltage.

Here are the questions about GPIO.



According to the datasheet, it says"6  The average current from all GPIO balls must not exceed 3 mA per ball. ”.

Does this mean it's not allwoed to sink/source morethan 3mA/pin?

Is it okay for GPIO pin(output) to sink 4mA?

(One of our customers wants to use 4mA sink current)



Do you have a total allowable current for GPIO pins ?

(I mean the allowable sink current at the same time) 



About Figure11.

Does this figure comes from the production test or the characterization?

Is this  data  tested over the temperature range?

What voltage is supplied for IOVDD in this test?3.3V?



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