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Audio channels data mix up in Stereo mode out for ADAU 1361

Question asked by Poorni on Oct 11, 2016

Hi Dave, 


I do the following setting for ADAU 1361 codec to configure it in capless out stereo mode


DACEN[1:0] 11 = both DACs on
MX3EN 1 = enable Mixer 3
MX3LM 1 = unmute left DAC input
MX4EN 1 = enable Mixer 4
MX4RM 1 = unmute right DAC input

LHPVOL[5:0] Desired volume for LHP output

LHPM 1 = unmute left headphone output
HPMODE 1 = headphone output
RHPVOL[5:0] Desired volume for RHP output

RHPM 1 = unmute right headphone output


when the audio is played i see left & right channel audio data being mixed up. Like left channel contains both left & right data & same with right channel too.


Is the settings fine & am i missing something?