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BF548 EZ-LIT kit cc0020: error : identifier

Question asked by ksm on Aug 21, 2011
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I am currently trying to build a project with the files from the BF548 EZ-LIT Kit getting started examples; example_4 (audio) and example_6 (opening files from the hard drive), in which I intend to use the PlayWAV function to play a WAV file from the harddrive. The following files I have used are:

adi_ac97.c, adi_ad1980.c, Audio.c, adi_eppi.c, FileSystem.c, adi_ssl_Init.c, adi_ac97.h, Audio.h, FileSystem.h and adi_ssl_Init.h


From my previous rebuilding of example_4, I wrote in #define AUDIO_DCB_ISR 0 and when building the Audio.c file, I did not have a adi_dcb_QueueHandle identifier error.


However, in my current project where I have the common FileSystem.c and try to build this file, I get this error:


"..\Common\FileSystem.c", line 96: cc0020:  error: identifier

          "adi_dcb_QueueHandle" is undefined

          DCBQueueHandle = adi_dcb_QueueHandle;


1 error detected in the compilation of "..\Common\FileSystem.c".

cc3089: fatal error: Compilation failed


When I open up example_6 and build FileSystem.c, it buids with no errors. I am stumped with this problem and any help to fix this is greatly appreciated.
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